Hello i am Gem a Psychic & Healer, I have a natural born ability's

Such as


      Claircongainze (knowing)


whit 30 yrs Experience .I use my psychic Ability  to unlock the truth in all life aspects Especially love !  I will help guide you on the right path, to find Destiny  & peace of  mind.  I can give you the answers your heart & spirit have been longing for . Whit out a name or even a date of birth . I can tap into your true loves thoughts, feelings,mind & emotions Giving you the details  and missing pieces to your Relationship , I also Reunite lost lovers & Restore the Relationships for once and all . Are you confused lost,worried, or hurt? about He-She ? wondering if they still have passion for you Then you need to pick up your phone and give me a call! I will answer you truthfully & honestly What my spiritual guides and aunt sisters tell me i tell you. Gem knows  you will not be disappointed    

The Key to succsess  is call away !



There cannot be guaranteed services for any psychic this is not exact science, but a spiritual matter my services are sold as is . And be agreeing to choose my website clients must resume all responsibilities  whit the information provided to them during a psychic reading or spiritual healing. And the client fully exercises there own free will to accept or reject www.psychicreadingsbygem.com services . Must be at least 18+ to use Services results may vary if client does not follow instructions. 

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